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EB Jacobs, a PSI business, applies the science of assessment to help organizations better understand the jobs they have, the people who make up their staff, and those that they are considering hiring.  Our background and training allow us to create programs that are state-of-the-art, relying on the most current products and services.

Our Mission

We partner with clients to provide scientifically grounded and practically based assessment solutions that address key personnel related issues facing organizations today and in the future.

Our Vision
We are dedicated to bringing assessment solutions to our clients in a wide variety of public and private sector organizations, across a broad range of jobs, and throughout the employment life cycle.

Our Goals
As an organization we aspire to work with our client-partners to:
  • Create a reputation for the highest quality and readily accessible products and services available in our field.
  • Bring value to our client organizations through programs that facilitate profits and demonstrate return on investment.
  • Develop new assessment programs merging content and technology in a way that matches the environments of our client-partners.
  • Build a successful and growth oriented organization that can offer more solutions to our client-partners and create new opportunities for our staff to be creative in their approaches.


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