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Human Resource Audits
Modern organizations face complex issues when it comes to their human resources practices.  As organizations grow in terms of number of individuals, number of departments and work groups, number of locations and even number of countries in which they operate, the ability to fully understand differences among individuals, groups, and locations becomes more and more challenging.  We have a comprehensive survey process for helping organizations learn more about themselves and more about the potential HR problems they might be facing.

We work with you to identify key concepts you want to measure and recommend others that we believe should be part of the process.  We analyze data at group levels to help pinpoint areas of concern and we create a process with your HR professionals and other managers to discuss programs targeted at eliminating the concerns.

Our process is part of being proactive and identifying where issues such as discrimination, harassment, poor supervision, and dissatisfaction might be lurking.  We believe organizations that take the time to understand internal processes are stronger, more productive and ultimately more effective.

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