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Business/Industry Solutions Overview  
From the mailroom to the boardroom –Our process offerings can be utilized in a wide variety of business sectors and a full range of jobs from the mailroom to the boardroom. We believe our processes, methods, and tools are broad and flexible and can be applied to virtually any organizational setting, regardless of business sector, job or environment.

Across the life cycle of employment – We believe organizational life parallels personal life. We grow and expand as we continue to work. We see our business solutions from beginning to end, from bringing on new employees at every level of the organization through methods that enhance performance in any position to better understanding the strengths and developmental opportunities of workers preparing for retirement. Our work applies to employees at every experience level.

Across a broad range of sectors – We have worked in the A to Z of organizations from Application Specialists in software based companies to Zealous Professional Managers in manufacturing environments about to move to the highest level within their organization. We have provided simple and straightforward individual assessment programs to help drive developmental opportunities to very elaborate assessment centers used to identify the individuals most ready to rise on the organizational chart.

Bringing science to application – Every day research and development creates solutions to problems facing modern organizations. Our role is to take newly developed products and processes, couple them with proven methods and apply them to the business needs of our clients. We enjoy the process of moving from lab to field, from the testing ground to the corporate carpet. We work with you to identify the most promising solutions and then make them work within your organization.

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Proven Expertise...
EB Jacobs has consulted with numerous private sector organizations including computer software corporations, printing companies, health care providers, high-tech medical equipment manufacturers, law firms, executive search firms, communication utilities, and nuclear and fossil fuel utilities.

Projects have ranged from several days of consultation to large scale, multifaceted procedures.


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