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Training and Development
Most organizations admit to spending too little time on training and development.  Given that fact, it is not surprising that even less attention is paid to understanding who needs development, what developmental needs are consistent across individuals and groups, whether training curricula are on target, and what impact our training and development has on future performance.  Very few organizations treat training and development as an investment and so it follows that those same organizations never look at their return on investment.

With our emphasis on assessment we work with organizations to solve all of these issues.  Our processes help ensure that training is on target.  Our individual assessments help identify the training needs of your employees.  Our systematic view of the organization allows us to identify groups of individuals who could benefit from a core program.  Finally, and most importantly, we believe that all organizational interventions should be fully evaluated so as to improve them for the future and determine if we are getting what we expect.  Let us work with your training professionals to help make training more effective.

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