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   About EB Jacobs, LLC

On January 1st, 2004, EB Jacobs purchased the public safety division of SHL Landy Jacobs to enable the staff to focus on the public safety market in the US and to broadly continue its tradition of excellence in assessment.  This move has enabled the professional staff in State College, PA and at the three regional locations, to create a new initiative of growth within the public sector research arena, as well as a new vitality for continuing its 25-year history of supporting law enforcement, fire and other public sector agencies in HR programs.  Dr. Rick Jacobs, President and CEO, oversees the consulting and research practice with Dr. Janet Echemendia providing direct supervision of public safety applications.  Both Drs. Jacobs and Echemendia are located in the State College, Pennsylvania office.  With the new organization has come an initiative to grow our presence in private sector consulting and with the addition of Chuck Boyle in Austin, Texas who serves as our Chairman, we are now expanding our work to include assessment services to a wide audience of new clients.

Who we are – We are a group of dedicated industrial and organizational psychologists interested in solving issues facing people at work.  Broadly trained we are capable of bringing a talented team to help solve problems ranging from selection and promotion to training and development.  We believe in the science of assessment and apply our experiences to expertise in a way that maximizes results.

Accessible and Approachable – We gain an understanding of your needs (or “identify your needs”) and respond swiftly with ideas and approaches.  We work closely with you to PARTNER on solutions.  Our current clients report that the partnerships we have established have helped advance their work and have given them confidence that we will be a continuing source of assistance.

Flexible and Adaptive, Capable of meeting your needs – We bring proven assessment methods to you and then work with you to adapt these methods to your specific needs.  In some cases tools exist that provide an immediate solution. Other times we develop new assessment programs tailored to the exact specifications necessary.

Scientific – Our background and training allow us to create programs that are state-of-the-art, relying on the most current products and processes.  We enjoy an international reputation as applied psychologists.

Practical – We believe strongly that even the best scientific solution is useless if we cannot put it into practice.  We work diligently to make sure that our solutions fit into your environment and that they can be managed by your professional staff.  We have a track record of creating complex selection and other assessment programs and then partnering with organizations to make them operationally successful.

Where we are – We operate out of our corporate headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania.  This unique location allows us to tap the vast resources of the faculty at Penn State University so we can approach virtually any issue across the spectrum of organizations, from assessing executives to selecting transportation drivers.

What we do – We assess jobs, people and organizations.  We apply the science of assessment to help organizations better understand the jobs they have, the people who make up their staff, and those that they are considering hiring.  We work with full awareness of the latest research and applied programs as well as the governing guidelines and laws.

Who we do it for – Our client list includes organizations from all parts of this country and several operating across both the Atlantic and the Pacific.  We work to solve applied problems in virtually any location.  We work for a wide variety of business sectors from banking to manufacturing to sales to transportation to public safety.


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