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Job Analysis, Competency Modeling and Job Family Maps Overview
At the heart of any assessment program is a complete understanding of the job, its relationship to other jobs and the environment in which the work is performed.  We have a broad range of methods and tools to help define tasks, responsibilities, roles and the relationships among jobs.  We perform traditional job analysis for virtually any position, we develop organizational maps that help better understand the relationship among jobs, and we create competency models to meet the needs of organizations seeking to define work in broad terms of human potential.
Job Analysis
We have performed job analyses for hundreds of positions across a wide variety of jobs and organizations.  In one project we simultaneously evaluated over 50 jobs to determine their similarities and armed with that information created job families for selection and performance assessment programs.  We are equally capable of focusing on a single job.  Our goal in any job analysis project is to completely and accurately define the tasks, roles and responsibilities for that position and provide the underlying information for selection, promotion, development and performance management activities.

We use a variety of methods including observations, interviews, and surveys.  In certain circumstances we actually perform the job to get a thorough understanding of what is required.  These methods of data collection are turned into a simple but complete report for the organization.

Competency Modeling
We have developed competency models for a wide variety of organizations across primarily management positions.  We believe that competency models can successfully drive selection and development programs for higher level jobs.  We have several scientifically sound management competency models that we can use to start the process or we can use a model your organization has under development.  Either way we work with you to create a detailed “road map” for managerial success.  In most circumstances our competency models have from 7 to 15 competencies and we help you identify methods of assessment of each competency whether that is for the purpose of selecting new managers or helping current managers understand their strengths and opportunities for development.

Job Family Maps
Modern organizations want to plan and be proactive when it comes to human resources.  There is no better way than to fully define jobs and then prepare information to demonstrate the interrelationships among jobs.  Such activities provide the foundation for job rotation, logical progression of careers and successful succession planning.  We have a variety of tools and processes to help organizations not only analyze jobs but better understand how jobs fit together.  Our procedures are accurate, efficient and technologically enabled.

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