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Physical and Medical Standards
Many jobs in our client organizations have substantial physical demands.  For these jobs, successful applicants should be capable of meeting these challenges.  We use our job analytic methods to identify the key tasks requiring physical strength, endurance and or flexibility.  We then work with our exercise physiologists to determine muscle groups and other human performance systems that facilitate performance.  Through our understanding of the job and of the human requirements we design high fidelity simulations to assess candidates.

As part of our programs for physical abilities testing we provide tutorial information to candidates so they can adequately prepare for the assessment process.  We inform them of exercises they can use to build up their capabilities and we supply them with nutritional information that helps them get in shape.  We also create the entire assessment process so that the tests can be administered in a fair and consistent way.  We train company personnel to administer the program and we remain available to work with you to ensure continued success.  We have developed physical abilities programs for hospital workers, installation and repair persons in the utilities industry and for warehouse personnel.

For many jobs it is not only physical abilities assessments that are necessary but also medical standards.  We have a proven process of job analysis and medical panel review that can identify the critical systems involved in a job and conditions that would disqualify candidates.  This system has been used in a variety of jobs and we believe is a highly effective and defensible approach to creating medical standards for jobs.

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