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Transportation Solutions Overview  

In today’s increasingly challenging operating environment the selection, training and appraisal of personnel becomes ever more critical to successful transportation operations.  Of all the resources called upon by transportation agencies, none is more fundamental and critical than its people.  Organizational effectiveness depends increasingly on people and their performance.

Our integrated approach to modern human resources systems helps you to identify individuals who are most likely to help you achieve your operational goals.  From job analysis and pre-employment screenings to post-employment appraisals and promotional testing, we have solutions that are cost efficient, legally defensible and flexible to fit with your current HR programs.  Whether your agency or company is in need of custom-tailored assessment solutions or one of our off-the-shelf systems, we offer a broad range of solutions that are scientifically grounded, practically based, and designed specifically for the transportation industry.

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Select Bus Operators
Using the BOSS
The Bus Operator Selection System (BOSS) identifies the best candidates for the bus operator job with a minimum of effort and at a cost that is easily offset by increased attendance, reduced accidents, and greater customer satisfaction.


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