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EB Jacobs is pleased to announce that we have joined the PSI team.  PSI has purchased EB Jacobs and its State College based operations to broaden their offerings in the public safety space and to help EB Jacobs develop additional capabilities, both content and technological, in the selection/promotion arena.  We are all very excited about the future and all it can bring to both organizations.

PSI Services LLC (PSI) is a worldwide, industry-leading, professional testing services provider to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions. PSI provides various solutions to clients around the globe through its multiple business channels including talent assessments (of job-seeking candidates as well as employee development programs), licensure testing & license management services (for government regulatory agencies), certification credentialing services (for certifying bodies), and leading academic institutions. PSI offers clients a variety of state-of-the-art solutions to measure, assess, and identify the skills, traits, and abilities of individuals seeking jobs, degrees, and licensure or certification credentials.

PSI has over 70 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions from test development to assessment delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing & certification tests, and distance learning evaluations.

Moving forward, EB Jacobs will continue with its current staff and offices headquartered in State College, PA and will be providing the same high-quality services and products to its client base.  As you know, EB Jacobs and its predecessor organizations have been part of the public service testing scene for more than 35 years with a tradition of excellence in both consulting and products.  PSI’s interest in EB Jacobs and decision to bring them on-board was predicated on EB Jacobs remaining true to its roots and its clients.

Additional Information

What does this mean for you, our clients?

PSI has committed to keeping EB Jacobs operating in the same manner and same locations, providing the same excellent service, responsiveness and quality of products.  We see no “down side” to being part of the larger organization.  The positive benefits are many and include enhanced technological capabilities, access to an expansive catalog of assessment tools, and additional experienced consultants and professionals to deliver and support high quality services.

What changes will our clients see?

Initially, clients will notice very little change other than the new logo.  Over time, we expect that clients will experience the benefits of PSI’s broader services and capabilities. For example, PSI’s ability to develop and deliver assessments in a variety of formats and modalities will expand our clients’ reach and capabilities to facilitate recruitment and testing on a global platform. Additionally, PSI has a dedicated and highly competent Client Services team to support testing programs, a product development team, and an IT staff that works on technology enhancements as their full-time job.  That dedication means continual updating of products underlying our assessment processes.  PSI has a global network of over 600 testing sites, as well as remote online proctoring capabilities that can be used to administer our extensive catalog of assessments in a secure test center or online virtual proctoring to ensure security and control.  Finally, PSI has a Science Advisory Board that helps the PSI team stay ahead of emerging issues in assessment and enhance product offerings. 

When will this happen?

EB Jacobs officially joined PSI on September 29, 2017.  PSI & EB Jacobs will spend the balance of this calendar year completing the integration of organizations, services and product offerings.  EB Jacobs’ dedication to its current client base will remain steadfast as we work hard to leverage all of PSI’s capabilities to further enhance our products and services.

For more information about PSI, please click here.

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